Convert Your Capital Expense Into Investment 

AOC provides managed cloud services based on your business preference.  Whether it be utilizing the public cloud or having a hybrid cloud with on-premise data center, AOC will back you up all the way.



The Power of

Cloud Computing

With the nature of pay-as-you-go business model, utilizing cloud infrastructure greatly reduces companies capital expenses and allows IT teams to test, develop, and deploy with more confidence, flexibility, and creativity.  With no upfront cost, IT staff can provision limitless resources based on usage.  Achieving business goal with zero downtime by automated scaling and failover mechanism.  

Migration service

AOC will be your cloud consultant and lead you step-by-step migrating your website, application, or even infrastructure to the cloud with minimal capital cost.  Enjoy the power of highly available and scalable cloud computing!

Cloud Virtual Desktop

Mobility and portability are big determined factors in successful businesses.  Carry a data center with you on the go by provisioning your own workspaces and eco-system in the cloud, and gain access to it from any devices worldwide.  

Storage Backup and Sharing

Having tera-byte to peta-byte scale of storage needed to be backup can be a real headache.  AOC helps you streamline the backup process with minimal hardware capital expense.  Looking for version and lifespan control?  It’s all in here!

Email, Website, DB & more

Did you know cloud computing can be extended to every different aspect of IT services?  Whether it’s email, website hosting, database management or any other tasks your computer is capable of, you can put it to the cloud and enjoy the advantages of cloud computing.